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1 : a constant operation, art, or method particularly in manufacture whoever invents or discovers any new and useful process…may possibly obtain a patent therefor — U.S. Code

2a(one) : a pure phenomenon marked by gradual modifications that lead towards a particular final result the process of development

A process extending transversely through the medial surface area of your maxilla. Along with the corresponding process from another facet, it varieties the main percentage of the challenging palate.

in the process of in the midst of, in the midst of, in the midst of These are inside the process of drawing up a peace strategy.

These hold the exact construction as the remainder of the choroid and secrete aqueous humor, which nourishes neighboring parts, the cornea, and lens.

acrosome - a process within the anterior finish of a sperm cell that makes enzymes to aid penetration in the egg

process - carry out mathematical and rational operations on (knowledge) Based on programmed Directions so as to obtain the necessary facts; "The outcome of the elections were being nevertheless being processed when he gave his acceptance speech"

wander - use 1's ft to progress; advance by measures; "Stroll, don't run!"; "We walked in place of driving"; "She walks with a slight limp"; "The individual are unable to walk but"; "Stroll around to the cabinet"

A little process to the excellent border in the inferior concha that articulates With all the uncinate process from the ethmoid.

calcaneal process of cuboid bones a process projecting posteriorly through the inferomedial angle of the cuboid bone that supports the anterior calcaneus.

Amongst about 70 popular meridional ridges projecting with the corona ciliaris on the choroid coat of the eye to which the suspensory ligament of the lens is hooked up.

b : a way indian visa (to be a summons) used to compel a defendant to seem in courtroom broadly : a method by which a court docket acquires or workout routines jurisdiction about a person or home — see also mesne process — Review see, services Notice: In civil course of action, provider of a summons on a defendant is taken into account constitutionally ample process, Despite the fact that usually a duplicate with the complaint should also be delivered according to the neighborhood rule of treatment.

refine - treat or put together to be able to set inside of a usable ailment; "refine paper stock"; "refine pig iron"; "refine oil"

If a process requests one thing for which it must hold out, It's going to be blocked. Once the process is during the blocked point out, it is actually suitable for swapping to disk, but This is certainly clear in a very Digital memory process, wherever areas of a process's memory could be actually on disk and never in principal memory at any time.

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