The Fact About food That No One Is Suggesting

Freeze-dried ingredients acquire so minimal time to rehydrate that they can normally be eaten without cooking them to start with and also have a texture much like a crunchy chip.

a mark placed on a letter at a post office, exhibiting the day and location of posting, and cancelling the postage stamp. The postmark study `Beirut'. posstempel خَتْم البَريد печат carimbo poštovní razítko der Poststempel poststempel ταχυδρομική σφραγίδαmatasellos postitempel مهر پست postileima cachet de la posteחותמת דואר मोहर, छाप poštanska marka postabélyegző cap pos póststimpill timbro postale 消印 소인 pašto antspaudas pasta zīmogs cap pos postmerkpoststempelstempel pocztowy د پسته خانه مهر carimbo ştampilă poştală почтовый штемпель poštová pečiatka žig poštanska oznaka poststämpel ตราประทับบนไปรษณียภัณฑ์ posta damgası 郵戳 поштовий штемпель ڈاک کي مہر dấu bưu điện 邮戳

Crops, algae, plus some bacteria make their own personal food by photosynthesis, when animals and many other organisms receive food by consuming other organisms or natural subject.

Disclaimer: USPS® simply cannot guarantee that the address revealed Here's the particular location from the company. Make sure you confirm the deal with ahead of sending your mail.

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1a : substance consisting fundamentally of protein, carbohydrate, and Fats Employed in the body of an organism to maintain expansion, fix, and vital procedures and to furnish Electrical power also : this sort of food together with supplementary substances (for example minerals, natural vitamins, and condiments) drought victims who don't have plenty of food to take in

to deliver (a letter and so forth) by post. He posted the parcel yesterday. pos يُرْسِل بالبَريد изпращам по пощата mandar pelo correio poslat poštou mit der Post schicken poste; sende ταχυδρομώmandar por correo posti panema, postiga saatma با پست فرستادن postittaa poster לִשלוֹחַ בַּדוֹאָר चिपकाना odnijeti na poštu, poslati poštom felad (levelet) mengeposkan póstsenda impostare, spedire for every posta* 郵送する 우편으로 부치다 (pa)siųsti paštu nosūtīt pa pastu mengeposkan op de post doensende i posten, postenadawać د پسته خانى له لارى ليږل mandar pelo correio a trimite prin poştă отправлять по почте poslať poštou poslati poslati poštom posta ส่งจดหมาย postalamak 郵寄 відсилати поштою ڈاک سے خط بھيجنا gửi bưu điện 邮寄

post - any particular assortment of letters or packages that is shipped; "your mail is over the table"; "is there any post for me?"; "she was opening her post"

The fiber and nutrients linked to complete grains make them an essential Component of a wholesome eating plan, nevertheless it’s often challenging to function them into your day-to-day cooking. This collection of recipes employs full เบิร์นไขมัน grains—from brown rice to whole-wheat pasta—in the mouth watering number of approaches.

Several organisations have started contacting for just a new kind of agriculture during which agroecosystems give food and also assistance essential ecosystem providers to ensure soil fertility and biodiversity are preserved as an alternative to compromised.

being off one's food → avoir perdu l'appétit cat food, Doggy foodfood additive n → additif m alimentairefood aid n → aide file alimentairefood allergy n → allergie f alimentairefood chain n → chaîne f alimentaire

mark - make or depart a mark on; "the scouts marked the trail"; "ash marked the believers' foreheads"

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